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Welcome Cancer Pain Relief in Richardson, TX

Over 10 million Americans alive today have had cancer, and 7 million were diagnosed with cancer five or more years ago. About one-third of cancer patients have pain, and each patient’s cancer pain is unique. That’s why each patient’s pain-management plan must be carefully designed.

At Texas Interventional Pain Care, Dr. Khan reviews your pain-management needs as often as he takes your pulse or temperature. Dr. Khan works to find the best combination of pain-controlling treatments so you can experience the best possible quality of life. Many patients in Richardson, Garland, Mesquite and Rowlett, TX have already found us helpful in alleviating their cancer pain.

Solutions that patients and doctors can count on

Cancer pain is quite treatable. Dr. Khan uses advanced treatments that work with the natural functions of the body to relieve pain and promote good health. Approximately nine out of ten cancer pain patients will find relief using a combination of medications. Although 90% of cancer pain can be treated with pain medications, other treatments such as implantable therapies are available. These implantable therapies include spinal cord stimulators that stop pain by blocking selective pain fibers and intrathecal pumps that deliver medication in the space around the spinal cord around the clock, thus eliminating or minimizing breakthrough pain and/or other symptoms.

Dr. Khan has helped referring doctors provide their cancer patients with quality pain-relief for over a decade. He’s a board-certified anesthesiologist with a subspecialty board certification in pain management and has completed a fellowship in pain management, as well.

Dr. Khan offers many pain-relief services, including comprehensive treatment for neuropathic pain, musculoskeletal pain and other pain conditions.

To learn more about his advanced care for cancer pain relief, call Texas Interventional Pain Care today at 972-952-0290, or use our Request an Appointment form.

The Right Treatment

Interventional pain specialist Arif B. Khan, MD, offers lasting solutions for several pain conditions. He has helped people of all ages in the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex area of TX. His treatment recommendations always start with conservative interventions such as activity modification, therapeutic exercise or physical therapy.

I'm very pleased with the Medtronic Neurostimulator I received on the advice of Dr Khan. - Bridget.E

Arif B. Khan, MD, is the medical director of Texas Interventional Pain Care, an interventional pain center specializing in the treatment of many painful conditions, and located at 2201 N. Central Express Way, Suite 171, Richardson, TX 75080; 4800 North Galloway Ave. Suite 300 Mesquite, Texas 75150. Phone: 972-952-0290 or fax 972-952-0293.