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Do you suffer from recurring low back pain? Here are simple tips you can follow to handle your daily activities even if youre living with the condition.

Upon waking up, start your day with gentle stretching exercises to activate stiff joints or rigid muscles. Easy stretching should be accompanied with relaxed breathing, Dr. Raj Rao, an orthopedic surgery and neurosurgery professor at the Medical College of Wisconsin, said.

While rest is good to relieve the pain, prolonged inactivity or bed rest can be bad for your back. If youre planning to embark on a long-term exercise regimen, start with low-impact activities. You can try walking, biking or swimming for as much as 30 minutes each day. Yoga is also a wonderful alternative exercise to engage your muscles.

Wearing well-cushioned, comfortably fit shoes also helps. They lessen the impact as your stride on hard surfaces, especially if youre into running or jogging; thus, reducing the pressure on the hips and back, Dr. Rao added.

Does your work require you to sit in front of the computer for most of the day? Make sure you have an ergonomic chair that allows you to straighten your back comfortably; preferably designed with armrests and adjustable seat. If you need lumbar support, place a pillow or rolled-up towel on the lower part of your back.

Speaking of ergonomic, ideally you shouldnt lean forward as you work on your computers keyboard. Make sure its fully adjusted within your arms reach, with your elbows comfortably bent at your side. Also, position the monitor at around your eyes level.

A lot of sitting can put a strain on your back, so move around every so often. Take a short walk, stretch or just take a break. It can help relieve the tension in the muscles.

If your daily tasks include lifting heavy objects, observe proper body mechanics. Get close to the thing youre about to lift. With the elbows close to your body, lift the object with your legs; gradually straighten your knees as you carry the thing.


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