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Do you suffer from low back pain? While resting may sound like a good remedy, moving is actually better. With these specific movements, you can relieve the pain in the lower back as well as strengthen the spine. What's more, did you know exercises designed for low back pain relief are also great for the stomach and leg muscles?

When done correctly, lifting weights is a great regimen for low back pain sufferers. However, putting weight and pressure on the back muscles can increase the risk of back injury. If you're considering on going into weight training, you should speak with your pain management specialist first to getting which movements to perform or avoid.

Low-impact aerobic exercises are also highly recommended for low back pain sufferers. These exercises can also improve your cardiovascular health as well as shed excess weight. Jogging or walking, biking and swimming are among the highly recommended aerobic exercises.

Toe-touching is not a very good exercise if you have low back pain. Should you feel any discomfort as you go about the movements, just stop. This exercise puts unwanted pressure on the spine's ligaments and discs as well as overstretches the lower back muscles.

Instead of toe-touching, you can do hamstring stretches. Simply lie on your back and bend a knee. Place the loop of your towel under the sole of your bent leg. Gently straighten your bent leg as you pull back the towel. Hold this pose for 15 seconds.

Sit-ups are the worst when you have low back pain because they put too much stress on the spinal discs. The same goes for leg lifts; save yourself from further injury and avoid them. If you want to strengthen your core, you can do partial crunches instead. This exercise can strengthen your stomach and back muscles.

You could also try wall sits, press-up back extensions, knee-to-chest and bridging. To learn more about these back-strengthening exercises, speak with a pain management specialist.


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